I have a BFA in Communication Arts and MEQ from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and am certified to teach Art K-12. Aside from my art-related day job, as a photography teacher at the Tamaqua Area High School, I embrace art-making in many mediums. I fell in love with darkroom photography in college, and have explored darkroom, digital, and instant film photography. I have gleaned much knowledge throughout my experience with undergraduate schooling and graduate class work. Through my work in several mediums, I've discovered that the constant element through all of my work has been my love for re-purposing scraps and the spontaneous beauty and history that these scraps possess, as well as the process used to create imagery.


My interest in other people’s discard began as early as my fourth birthday. I remember going to daycare, and while the other kiddies played on the swings, I dug around in the dead weeds behind the playground to find all sorts of garbage treasures. I collected springs, rubber balls, scraps of plastic and metal, and much more. I turned my findings into homemade dolls and robots.


I have continued to collect neat, garbage-y tidbits to be transformed into artwork, both photographic and otherwise.


If you would like to see me working in my studio, I invite you to come to The Walk-In Art Center's First Saturday Events, which are held from 1-6PM at the Walk-In Art Center located at 110 West Columbia Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pa 17972. For more information about the Art Center, please visit http://www.walkinartcenter.org/